Fashion Friday! – Date Night Edition

Winter Date Night Inspiration

Winter Date Night Outfit Inspiration
Styled by Aja Alia

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Question of the Day – Single Life

What do you miss about being in a Relationship?


From the Blogger:

I have to admit I miss the companionship of being in a relationship.  Even though I have been in some bad relationships I did have some very pleasant times during those relationships.  

I particularly miss cooking for my man, spending time during date nights and laying in the bed late at night talking about childhood memories.  Although these are just a few things, there are so many more things that can cause anyone to miss being in a relationship.  What’s yours?  Comment below and let us know.



Relationships Now


Lesson Learned, Wrong Lover – Part 1

I had a conversation with God over the weekend and found that it is time to speak to the women out there who are in a physically abusive relationship. Being a survivor of such a relationship, I feel like I owe it to you all to share my testimony. This was one of the most difficult times in my life and I will never forget it.  But I want you to know I their is a way out.

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Why I Don’t Date Guys with Mother Issues

Most of the time women are always diagnosed by men for having Daddy Issues. But no one seems to ever talk about the men who have Mother Issues. Being a woman who seems to attract men that have mother issues, it has made me realize this complex is alive and well in both men and women. Continue reading Why I Don’t Date Guys with Mother Issues