When you like someone….His Perspective

His Perspective 

Why is it that nowadays people downplay how they feel about a person when it is positive. People sure don’t downplay feelings when they are negative.  They are swift with negativity and uncertainty.  Let’s talk about the positive affirmation of interest when developing a new friendship and moving forward to a relationship.

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Cherie – Chapter 1 – Love At First Swipe


I was literally about to begin writing this, and I just got a text from Cherie, so I hope that means something. I’ve responded back with “You must be psychic! I was just thinking about you.” (I was thinking about her because I was just about to write the first half of this very chapter.)

We swiped right on each other on Tinder. Cherie is a 26-year-old attractive, fit, black woman whose zodiac sign is Scorpio. When we first connected I sent her a simple, hello. She got back to me and said she was doing well, but she sitting in a boring class. She’s apparently studying developmental neuroscience. Once the small talk and pleasantries were dismissed, I asked her my standard question. “What prompted you to swipe right on my profile?”

She expressed that she liked the things I wrote in my bio. She said she likes to laugh…

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Pace in the Dating Race

When meeting someone we never know what purpose they serve in our lives. When we are attracted to this person we try to give them purpose.
It seems these days everyone is training for a sprint. A short race. It’s true some relationships may turn into a marathon but they are usually more difficult because we have conditioned our mind, body, and soul for a short race.

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Are You Willing to Learn How to Love?

We assume by definition we know how to love. The reality of it all is we learn to love from experiences that allow us to observe love.  Our views of love can be skewed depending on the manner in which love was presented to us. I myself came from a broken home with abuse. My father would hit my mother rather violently. A few days later he would buy her something, say he will never do it again and tell her he loved her.  She would stay in this situation for 7 years. Imagine how different I thought love was. I thought love was controlling, abusive, apologetic and happy.

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