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#DearFutureWife- Guest Writer Lee Lewis

Dear Future Wife,

these past few years we have shared more than just pure love, we explored different periods in time, visited the moments of universes in our souls, and walked in the direction of life together, remembrance of saying hello to your heart, kissing within yourDear Future Wife - Lee Lewis mind, and making love to your thoughts, I remember the yesterday’s, and embrace the visions of our future, you listen to me without needing words, because the rhythm of hearts plays the same songs, leaving the feeling inside me of being home, you’re beautiful inside at out, and have become the foundation, we are building, for the love that is smiling to wrinkle in time causing our union, future wife, I love the testimony giving to me, by your soul…

By: Lee A Lewis

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Last night I saw a shooting star. And I imagined you right here with me in my arms. Loves prisoner held captive by your simple charm. I’m so lucky baby I found you.  You remind me of rainy days with every drop bringing me home for better ways. All my friends keep telling me it’s just a phase. When springtime comes they’ll see just what it do. You make it better then the riches I might have. You bring me joy when the days went bad.  Show me that pretty smile on your face and all my cares seem to be erased. Nothing like the way you look at me. You stole my heart now I’m complete. Continue reading #DearFutureWife



Dear Future WifeDear Future Wife,

From the image of perfection, you were made. Created in our King’s likeness and formed from the rib of him. And even though a piece of me is missing, I’m at peace knowing that you are safely abiding in Him. I know you are clothed with strength and dignity, and you laugh without fear of the future. When you speak, your words are wise, and instruction is given firmly with kindness. You carefully watch everything in your Continue reading #DearFutureWife



Let's Talk with Aja Alia

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Are your preferences in a mate working for you?
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Dating 101 – How long do you wait before having sex with a person you’re interested in?

All too often people put a time frame on when you should do specific things while dating?  It’s too soon to kiss, it’s too soon to text them and tell them I’m thinking about them, it’s too soon to have sex with them.  I mean I can go on and on with the it’s “too soon” stuff.  But the question is should their even be a time frame for things? What ever happened to allowing things to organically happen? Continue reading Dating 101 – How long do you wait before having sex with a person you’re interested in?


Dating 101 – Should I Tell?

This is a question that has been discussed recently between me and a acquaintance. The question was, when showing deep interest in a person should you tell them that you are sexually active with another person? Allow me to go into further detail. Let’s say you are Continue reading Dating 101 – Should I Tell?


4 Ways to Make Yourself Available to Others Who Are Single Too!

Hey guys and dolls!

Let’s talk a little about the different ways we can meet people to begin building a relationship with or even start dating. Call me old fashion but I love the traditional forms of meeting other singles. However, going to a good happy hour (alone), accepting the classic friends/family hookup and even online dating could be all you need to meet your potential soulmate. Don’t get me wrong these options I’m providing may not be your cup of tea.  But try to keep an open mind. You never know which one may work for you if you simply try something new. Continue reading 4 Ways to Make Yourself Available to Others Who Are Single Too!


I Don’t Want A Relationship

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Love Black

Hold you in my trust, logic of life inside life, forever your King, to help you breathe, make Continue reading Love Black